Not surprised to be traded by the Lakers! Daniel Green: I knew it was hard to maintain when I signed last year

The interests between NBA players and teams today are complicated. It is not easy for players to play for a team until they retire, because they include personal interests, salary, championship honors and the team. Whether to trade or not, so we can see that many of Wei Shaohui, who is so important to Oklahoma City, leave, and Wade is not always playing for the Heat. Now in the NBA, the only players who have played for the same team for more than 10 years are Curry, Wall, and Haslem.

Just recently, when Curry was on the show, he was interviewed. He personally promised that he would die the warrior and retire in the warrior: “1000%, 1000%, I said, things are impermanent, but (to be a warrior for a lifetime) is absolutely what I want Yes. This is my 12th season. The achievements we have here, the culture of warriors we have established, playing for our fans, where we belong here, and everything, will make me want to be a warrior for a lifetime. . The most important thing is that I am willing and passionate about being a warrior.”Curry’s loyalty is indeed very moving. Curry entered the NBA through the draft in 2009 and has been playing for the Golden State Warriors ever since. The 7th overall pick in the first round was not low, but there were not many people at the time. I am optimistic that this thin player will become an icon of the NBA. Even the Warriors at the time were not a strong team in the NBA. In the powerful West, the Warriors are very weak.

finally come! The meeting time between the Lakers and Big Eyebrows has been revealed, and the length of the new contract has become the biggest suspense

Unexpectedly, afterwards, Curry and the Warriors made each other perfect. Curry created the NBA’s small-ball era, and the Warriors created a dynasty by introducing Iguodala, Durant and others. Curry is the Warriors who won 2 NBA regular season MVPs (2014-15 season; 2015-16 season), 6 NBA All-NBA teams (3 first team, 2-second team, 1 third team), 3 times NBA championship (2014-15 season; 2016-17 season; 2017-18 season), 6 NBA All-Star starting lineups, 1 NBA regular season scoring champion, steals champion (2015-16 season) honors, reached the professional level The pinnacle of his career, and to be continued.

In this situation, Curry and the Warriors are almost integrated, so he will be 1000% sure to retire in the Warriors and stage a one-man, one-city story. I also hope that Curry’s wishes can be realized. This is what all Warriors fans want to see. Arrived.

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