Yan Nishi League Farewell

In the sixth game of the finals, the Bucks beat the Suns with a total score of 4-2 to win the championship, while the letter goyannis adtokumbo was elected the MVP of the Finals without suspense.

The “Greek monster” didn’t touch basketball until he was 13. When he just started his enlightenment, James had reached the finals.

Letter brother was born in Athens, Greece on December 6, 1994. His parents smuggled him from Lagos, the most populous city in Nigeria. In fact, he had no nationality before he was 18 years old. Born in Greece, he did not have Nigerian or Greek nationality. He did not acquire Greek nationality until 2013.

When I was a child, my brother sanasis and his teammate in the Bucks made a living by selling watches, bags and sunglasses to passers-by at the tourist attractions in Athens. He didn’t start playing basketball until 2007, when he was 13 years old. In 2011, he joined a semi professional team of Greek Serie B League and began his basketball journey.

In December 2012, just a few days after he turned 18, alphabet brother signed a four-year contract with La Liga’s strong team Zaragoza, with NBA jump out options every year, but he didn’t play in Zaragoza. In the Greek sub League in 2012-13 season, alphabet brother averaged 9.5 points, 5 rebounds, 1.4 assists and 1 block. He was specially invited to the Greek All-Star game, mainly because he played well, not because he played well.

In the last game of the Greek League, more than 20 NBA scouts went to the scene to see his performance. In fact, the letter brother didn’t play well and lost the last attack, resulting in a loss of life and death. At that time, many NBA scouts saw his potential and said they could try him in the first round. At that time, the Mavericks scouts said that brother alphabet was worth choosing in a high order. However, at that time, the boss Cuban didn’t recognize it. They gave up choosing him in order of 13, while the Bucks chose brother alphabet in order of 15.

Younis adtokumbo, 19, may never have thought that he could grow from a vendor selling sunglasses to two MVPs and win the last trophy. He often said that he was grateful for God’s luck, but this luck is the best portrayal of God’s reward for diligence.

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Reprint indicated source:Shine Trader Limited Live information

By Ethan