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At noon on November 7th, Beijing time, the national football official announced that the team had safely arrived in Sharjah and planned to conduct the first training session tonight.

  The national football official Weibo wrote:

  At 08:15 local time, after an 11-hour journey, the Chinese National Men’s Football Team successfully arrived at the resident hotel in Sharjah, UAE. The team has undergone a nucleic acid test organized by the local epidemic prevention department at the airport, and will wait for the test results in the hotel.

Shine Trader Limited
Shine Trader Limited

  In addition, according to the plan, the team will conduct the first training session after arriving in Sharjah at 19:00 local time.

  According to the official pictures released by the national football team, there are many local fans welcoming the arrival of the national football team.


By Ethan