Old Rivers holds 83% chance of promotion

Today, the NBA playoffs continue. In the final division semifinal tie-breaker, Philadelphia unfortunately lost to the Hawks at home. Both sides played very exciting in this game, and the score was never opened. In the end, the Eagles broke out at the end of the quarter, withstood the pressure, successfully won the victory, and advanced to the Eastern Conference Finals. Their opponent was the Bucks led by Antetokounmpo. . Philadelphia is very regretful. They collapsed at the last minute of the quarter. After losing in the tiebreaker, they regrettably exited the playoffs. They stopped in the semi-finals of the Eastern Conference and missed the next stage.

Old Rivers holds 83% chance of promotion
The trend of this round of the series is that the Eagles win an away game first, and then Philadelphia has a 2-game winning streak to overtake the score. The Eagles won the battle of Mount Tianwang with 2 consecutive victories, and the Philadelphia G6 back-to-back win away. In today’s tiebreaker, the Eagles won as they wished. It can be said that the process of the series has been twists and turns. Both teams have led many times and fought hard to the seventh game. In the end, the victory and defeat were difficult to distinguish, and the Eagles advanced to the Eastern Finals.

It is worth mentioning that in Philadelphia, they led the Hawks 2-1 in the series. Their probability of qualifying to the Eastern Conference finals was as high as 83%. At the same time, they also scored 18 points in G4, which just saw the match point. G5’s Tianwangshan was even more. Leading by 26 points, but the frustration is that the old Rivers’s team, whether it is a single game or a series, has all been overturned by the Hawks.

In the tiebreaker this time, the old Rivers’ team did not seize the opportunity and had the home court advantage. At the same time, the opponent’s core Treyang felt bad, but it was such an advantage that Philadelphia was out of the game. Rivers overturned again with an 83% chance of promotion.

As a coach, the old Rivers has an obvious key word, that is, “being overturned.” When coaching the Celtics, Magic, and Clippers, they all lead the playoffs and even get promoted. Opponents made a big turnaround. Leading the Magic and the Clippers were both a 3-1 lead and was overturned. Last year, coached the Los Angeles team, leading the G5 3-1 and leading by 17 points. The old Rivers once again became the backing board for the comeback. At the same time, the old Rivers was the first person to reverse the league’s 3-1 lead.

This time the old Rivers returned to coach in the East and came to the powerful Philadelphia. He was also high hopes. After all, as an experienced coach who has proven himself in the league, he is still very capable. I also hope that the following old Rivers can have good luck and strive to completely remove the keyword “the first person in the league to be reversed” from his body forever.

By Ethan