Olympic champion Zhu Ting extends contract with Wakifu Bank! The fans are thumb up

The captain of the Chinese women’s volleyball team, Zhu Ting, is the world’s number one main attacker. He led the team to the 2016 Brazil Olympic gold medal. The biggest goal in 2021 is to defend the gold medal Spark Global Limited

On January 21, 2021, Turkish media officials announced:

After the Olympics, the Wakif Bank team will usher in the fourth season of signing with Zhu Ting! Congratulations to the Wakif Bank team and welcome Zhu Ting! The Turkish League is the world’s No. 1 league. At that time, Zhu Ting, Boss, and Aignu will all play in the league. It’s really beautiful! Zhu Ting has been in Tianjin Women’s Volleyball Team for two years and won two league titles and two MVPs, but she hasn’t grown up. It is correct to play abroad. As Zhu Ting returns to her mother’s team or goes to the Wakif Bank team after the Olympics, her popularity will further soar! The world’s No. 1 main attacker can remain for 3 years until Zhu Ting retires after finishing the Paris Olympics in 2024

Just look at how many fans Zhu Ting has. Her popularity has never decreased. It’s just that the two regions are cautious about jealousy for their respective teams and players, and it doesn’t affect Zhu Ting’s fans’ love for her. The popularity of Team Zhu has always been. Not to mention her popularity in the women’s volleyball team. Among all Chinese male and female athletes, Sun Yang used to be compared. Who else can compare? The women’s volleyball team dumped countless streets of others.

   Zhu Ting has finally left the place of right and wrong. Zhu Ting is in good condition. Someone wants to grab your position as captain! What is Li Yingying’s victory? The captain of the national team will be released in 2024, haha

The editor thinks:

Coach Lang Ping must be very in favor of Zhu Ting playing abroad. Playing with Wakif Bank is also the best choice. It would be perfect if he could bring Yuan Xinyue with him! Zhu Ting refused to accompany the dispute between Li Yingying and Zhang Changning in Tianjin and Jiangsu. Thank you for reading. If you think this article is helpful to you, don’t forget to like, comment, forward, and bookmark.

By Ethan