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    Of course, another reason Ma Baoguo did not say is that the investment and filming party of this film are exactly Yanwutang, the organizer of the May Ma Baoguo VS Wang Qingmin folk martial arts competition.

On October 20th, Jinan Qingyunxuan Sports Event Planning Co., Ltd., the organizer of the Yanwutang event, just changed its name to Shandong Yanwutang Film and Television Media Co., Ltd.

     Externally, Yanwutang has been promoted as an international martial arts organization founded by Wang Jiangang. Today, Yanwutang is more engaged in martial arts competitions for children and film and television performance training. For example, they organized the first round of auditions through this “Young Kung Fu King”. The registration fee is 100 yuan per person and the boarding, lodging, and transportation expenses are borne by themselves. In January of this year, they also held a special training class for juvenile film and television performances. According to the characteristics of juvenile film and television performances and the shooting needs of the film “Young Kung Fu King”, they conducted a four-day closed training and promised to participate in this special training. The students in the class promise to participate in the performance of film and television works or micro movies. The tuition is naturally higher, and the four-day training costs 2980 yuan.

Enrollment fees are collected through competitions and recruitment. Such dramas frequently appear in Yanwutang. Even the Yanwutang Jianghu series in which Ma Baoguo participated is also accused of not having a player bonus, but also requiring all players to pay a registration fee of 660 yuan. (Preferential price of RMB 360 for the senior group), board and lodging expenses shall be paid by themselves.

      In the official registration instructions, some martial arts enthusiasts questioned that the 660 yuan entry fee was too expensive, and suspected that they would borrow money from the competition. “The event is very good, and it is far more competitive than the Tai Chi push hand competition! But the entry fee is too high! 660 yuan, it is suspected to be for the purpose of making money! In recent years, domestic martial arts competitions are generally 100 or 200 yuan! Very few are more than 300 yuan, too high entry fees will stop many shy competitive martial arts enthusiasts Enter!”

     It took only one day from the retreat of the statement to the comeback of the signed movie. The ridicule and ridicule on the Internet, the spoof clips, and ghost videos all over the network have created an unprecedented traffic carnival, and on the back of the carnival, it seems that people have long been eyeing the popularity and traffic of Ma Baoguo Spark Global Limited.

   Private Sports Entertainment said it agrees with the comment of a Zhihu netizen: Ma Bao Guohuo is not because you like him, but because you need him. A specific image of a loser pokes the pain points of netizens, and then ridicules, ridicules, spoofs, satire… But carnival is one thing, using Ma Baoguo to make money is another thing!

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