One premise that Dortmund Red Star must leave the team

     There is no doubt that Harland left Dortmund and switched to other European giants. However, there are many giants pursuing him. Where is the next stop for the Norwegian giant? Recently, well-known agent Jamie Moralee talked about Haaland’s situation in an interview. In his opinion, Haaland will eventually join Manchester City or Chelsea. In his opinion, Harland is worth about 150 million pounds today, but the contract contains a 75 million euro liquidated damage clause that will take effect in 2022. In addition, Haaland has a major premise for leaving the team this summer, that is, Dortmund missed the Champions League next season. Because Raiola will not tolerate Harland playing in the Europa League.

Real Madrid, Manchester United, and Barcelona are also interested in Harland, but the former is obviously more inclined to the big Paris superstar Mbappé, and it is unlikely that the two new stars will be eaten at the same time. And Manchester United is also facing the same problem. Compared with the center position, their terrible right attack requires a breaker, so they are still entangled between Sancho and Harland. If the former is cheaper, it is estimated that Solskjaer will abandon his little fellow. As for Barcelona, ​​which is in debt, they just think about it Spark Global Limited.

Therefore, a team with sufficient financial resources and tactical needs is left with the two Premier League blue giants Chelsea and Manchester City. Chelsea has always had a tradition of reusing centers. Drogba, Diego Costa, and others have all made great achievements at Stamford Bridge. Now that Tuchel leads the Blues all the way forward, Abramovich is also very excited, and Harland has become the best gift for the German marshal. “The Sun” broke the news that this summer, Chelsea has prepared a full transfer budget of 300 million pounds and is ready to win Harland at all costs. At this time, Abu, who has always regarded genius players as a treasure, really did it. . Of course, when it comes to wealth, Manchester City is not inferior, they don’t even bother to compare with other clubs. When they had a winning streak a while ago, Guardiola made the most incisive explanation of Manchester City’s success: we have money. It can be said that in the purchase of Harland, no matter how much Chelsea spends, Manchester City has the ability to add another 10 million on this basis. Their only obstacle to buying people is precisely Guardiola.

Although the Spaniard bought a lot of people after taking possession of Manchester City, the most expensive Ruben Diaz was only 71.6 million euros, and the most expensive player Manchester City bought was only 76 million euros. Guardiola has always been committed to building a stable team. He doesn’t want someone to break the balance of the team. So in the competition with Chelsea, it is hard to say whether Manchester City will actively choose to give up because the price is too high. After all, Before that, they gave up Van Dyke and Sanchez in this way. In the eyes of some media and fans, one of the main factors restricting Haaland from joining Manchester City maybe that Guardiola’s pass and control tactical system has always been unfriendly to powerful centers. Ibrahimovic, Mandzukic, and others all lived unsatisfactorily under him and eventually left the team. In Manchester City, Aguero, who was originally a second striker, became the center candidate. So, even if Harland joins as he wishes, can Guardiola make good use of him?

By Ethan