spark limited reports

spark limited reports:

O’Neill insisted on belittling Mitchell, reported on August 27:

Last season, NBA star O’Neill strongly criticized Jazz guard Mitchell, which caused a great shock in public opinion, but O’Neill still didn’t change his original intention.

In a recent podcast, he said that he was right to criticize Mitchell. He was fully qualified. “I said something about Mitchell and everyone began to spray me. But listen to me carefully. I said, I’ve played with Hadaway, Kobe Bryant, Wade and LeBron in the past. If you don’t reach this level, can’t I see? ”

He believes that Mitchell has not reached the top level, “he is excellent and has potential. But if you want to be crowned, that’s another thing. You have to look at your ranking. People say you can rank fifth, sixth and seventh. My view is that I don’t know what your idea and background are. If you are ranked No. 5, I can’t accept it. I’m such a person. If it’s not the first or the second, don’t mention my name at all. ”

In January this year, O’Neill said in an interview with Mitchell after the game, “you haven’t tried to reach another level.” However, Mitchell was still very gracious at that time, and only answered “OK”. After that, many people denounced O’Neill, saying that he was naked humiliating young players.

When O’Neill mentioned the matter in April, he said he was deliberately testing Mitchell’s temper to see if he had the psychological quality to bear criticism.

Finally, Mitchell led the jazz to win the regular season championship, lost to the Clippers in the playoffs and ended in the Western semi-finals. Mitchell averaged 26.4 points, 4.4 rebounds and 5.2 assists and was not selected as the best team of the year.

By Ethan