"Onion Bucket" combination leads the Chinese figure skating team

The Chinese figure skating team went to Stockholm, Sweden, on March 21 to participate in the 2021 ISU World Figure Skating Championships. The contest will be held from March 22 to 28. Affected by the epidemic, this event had to play empty games. The World Championships is a qualifying match for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, so each team has sent a top lineup. Sui Wenjing/Han Cong, the two-time champion of the World Championships and runner-up of the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, will make their debut this season in Stockholm. Due to injuries, “Onion Bucket” missed last year’s China Cup and this year’s New Year’s Day in-team match. , The last two people competition was the 2020 Four Continents Figure Skating Championship, when they won their sixth Four Continents championship.

Sui Wenjing/Han Cong’s winning the 2019 World Figure Skating Championships celebration data photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Wang Lili

Peng Cheng/Jin Yang, the fourth runner-up in the last World Championships and the runner-up of the Four Continents last year, has maintained systematic training this season. The pair of champions of last year’s China Cup will join the “Onion Bucket” to fight for a place for the Chinese team in the Winter Olympics. Jin Boyang, who has recently improved his performance ability, will play in the men’s singles with the experienced Yan Han. Jin Boyang’s two new programs this season are very eye-catching. The blues rock-style free skating “House of the Rising Sun” is equipped with “luxury” difficult actions during the China Cup, and the new style of short programs adds interesting mechanical actions, which are very enjoyable. Sex.

Japanese figure skating star, two-time Winter Olympics champion Yuzuru Hanyu and American star and two-time World Championship champion Chen Wei will meet again in Stockholm. Both are favorites for the Beijing Winter Olympics and are in good shape this season, winning their respective domestic championships. “Flame” Chen Hongyi will participate in the women’s singles competition, and her debut at the last World Championships won 19th place. The 2015 World Championships champion and Russian female player Tukta Misheva staged the “Return of the King” in the domestic competition and will compete with the rising stars Serbakova and Trusova who have mastered several four-week jumps. Japanese women’s singles top player Jiping Rika also completed the first four-week jump in the all-day championship this season and will be the biggest opponent of Russian women Spark Global Limited.

“Motor Engine” Wang Shiyue/Liu Xinyu will play the ice dance. They were in 15th place in the 2019 World Championships, and they were the only Asian group to enter the free dance at the time. The two made rapid progress, finishing fourth in the 2020 Four Continents Championship. Regrettably, the French combination Papadakis/Cizeron, who has received the most attention from the ice dance project, decided not to participate in the World Championships due to physical reasons and insufficient preparation. The epidemic prevention and control of this competition adopts a brand-new “competition bubble” mode. The organizing committee centers on the competition venues and official hotels and divides closed areas to isolate participants from the outside world. The empty game also prevents ice fans’ favorite “baby rain” from appearing.

By Ethan