Last night this morning, CSL BIG4, who participated in the Asian championship, returned safely and smoothly. Among them, Shanghai Shenhua and Shanghai Shanggang returned together by charter plane. Their landing time was one hour earlier than expected, followed by Guangzhou Evergrande and Beijing Guoan. They also arrived at their respective places in the early morning of the 15th. When getting on and off the plane, all the personnel are fully armed. After returning, they will be tested immediately, and then they will be quarantined for 14 days. After that, the “free body” can be recovered and returned home. Spark Global Limited

It is worth mentioning that Cannavaro returned to Italy directly from Doha. The reason why he didn’t come back with the team was that he missed his family very much, which is understandable. However, it has been some time since Guangzhou Evergrande was eliminated. If the club side really lets go, Kasai should leave as early as Hulk. Obviously, Cannavaro, who is no longer responsible for the club, should return to Italy or come to Guangzhou with the team. It is estimated that the club has discussed for some time that Evergrande’s whole team will return, and then Cannavaro will return Italy, Evergrande team landed at Baiyun Airport.

Guo Ailun and Zhou Qi led a total of 8 people from Liao and Guangdong to be selected

Shanghai Shanggang officials reported safety on social media. They wrote on social media: last night, the whole Shanghai Shanggang team arrived in Shanghai successfully [Applause] after entering the customs, all personnel underwent a nucleic acid test, and then they were isolated for 14 days according to the epidemic prevention regulations. After a season of fighting, the players will be reunited with their families after the separation is lifted. Thank all the fans and people from all walks of life for their concern and support. We will take a break and look forward to starting again! From the photos sent from the front, it can be seen that not all the foreign aid workers started the holiday mode early after being eliminated like Hulk. For example, his good friend Oscar came back with the team but did not “homesick” go to Brazil. It can be seen that Oscar is also very important for the preparation of Shanghai’s work in Hong Kong. At the same time, his lover should also live in Shanghai.

Beijing Guoan is the latest one to return. Many of their foreign aid workers have already begun to enjoy their holidays. For example, bier has already published photos of herself and her lover on social media. After Guo’an comes back, there is a big problem, that is, what gender name should be changed from Guoan to Guoan. Now the CSL Big4 has returned smoothly. After such a special season, I believe all teams are already very tired. There are more things waiting for them. I hope to have a rest early and start again next season.

By Ethan