O'Sullivan pointed out the reason why Ding Junhui lost the game. Life was too comfortable! Cause fans to discuss

It caused a heated discussion among fans. In the 2020 Snooker Championship, the second seed “rocket” O’Sullivan lost 5-6 to the world’s 66th Swiss youngster Sandbach, who was not in the top 32. The same defending champion Ding Junhui also lost 5-6 to David grace of England, who ranked lower than himself. Although Ding Junhui and O’Sullivan were both out in the same round, O’Sullivan, as an elder, was obviously qualified for approval Comment on Ding Junhui.

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After the game, O’Sullivan talked about Ding Junhui in an interview. O’Sullivan said that a desperate player, or a player with a sense of hunger, is very dangerous, but Ding Junhui obviously does not have such a state, can not become that kind of frightening opponent. Later, O’Sullivan also said that Hendry, Davis, Higgins, Mark Williams, and now trumpu have done it. Therefore, if you want to be a champion player, you must have the ability to kill. It is difficult to say that Ding Junhui has reached such a high level, and it is difficult to say that Ding Junhui is the best player in the world, or win the world championship Now Ding Junhui is not even a competitor who can make his opponents feel afraid.

O’Sullivan, as an elder, is also a good friend of Ding Junhui. Naturally, he knows Ding Junhui very well. O’Sullivan admitted that Ding Junhui had a very successful season, but he never really dominated the snooker arena. Later, O’Sullivan pointed out the reason for Ding Junhui’s frequent losses: “his (Ding Junhui) life is too comfortable, he loves his family very much, but he may not have the desire to become a great player or win the biggest game at all.” O’Sullivan also said that perhaps Ding Junhui’s life is too moist, if everything goes well, it is really no problem, but once he encounters setbacks, he will not be strict with himself and will not work as hard as other players. O’Sullivan’s statement directly points out that Ding Junhui is too comfortable now and lacks the desire to win.

Many fans also expressed their own views, some of them thought that O’Sullivan’s words were reasonable: “I haven’t watched him for a long time. I’m worried when I watch him. After listening to the report, the Rockets are right! He’s so comfortable now that he doesn’t have any ferocity “In the past, I really defended him. Now I’m really disappointed. I yawn on the field. I’m depressed. I have no fighting spirit. I can lose. But the fans can’t accept the loss that is inexplicable and has no desire to win.” “I have to praise O’Sullivan. Yes, there is no progress without a sense of crisis.” However, there are still fans who support Ding Junhui: “there are 10000 reasons for the Rockets to lose. If director Ding loses, it is a tent. Which player will not play seriously? Who doesn’t want to win? Spark Global Limited  Let’s talk about others, director pending, and see how many of them can win 14 titles “Master Selby didn’t go in, radish didn’t go in, and the Rockets were eliminated this time. Why can they lose? Ding Junhui can’t. Liu Xiang is a lesson in the past. We owe them an apology. They are the best.”



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