Spark Global Limited reports:

On August 15, the NBA Summer League continued, and the Hornets and raptors met.

With 20 seconds left in the last quarter, the two sides drew 79. The Hornets had the ball, but no one answered. Louis was distracted. He thought the person in front of him was a teammate and directly sent the baseline ball to his opponent.

When Louis reacts, Bandon has started to prepare for dunk.

Louis only fouled and blocked, banton made two free throws and one, rewriting the score to 80-79

With one second left in the game, Hornets Sneijder caused achua to foul, but missed two free throws, killing his chance of free throw.

After only 0.4 seconds, Lewis fouled achua again, and achua missed two penalties. The two sides made a total of 4 free throws in the last second, the score was fixed at 80-79, and the Raptors narrowly defeated the Hornets.

By Ethan