shine trader live reports

shine trader live reports:

The new season is about to start. Basketball star Owen refused to vaccinate the new crown vaccine, but it has become the most concerned hot event in the league. Today, Owen released an endless mysterious remark on his personal social media, which attracted people’s infinite speculation. According to salary expert Bobby max, if Owen insists on not getting vaccinated, he will eventually lose $17.53 million or more.

In the face of the tide of doubts from the outside world, Owen himself seems to be calm. On his personal social media, Owen published a paragraph: “keep quiet, and then you will know…” the endless words make people can’t guess the meaning, which exactly maintains Owen’s consistent character of “playing tricks”.

Owen’s words have attracted all kinds of speculation from netizens. Some questioned Owen and others supported him. There are also people who are trying to persuade him to vaccinate: “what’s wrong with vaccination? Hundreds of millions of people have been vaccinated, and it is really effective, which can ease the spread of COVID-19. Erwin can believe in his own insisting. But it doesn’t mean that he has talent, which can endanger other people’s health and safety.”

Former club president Chris Paul was also asked about Owen’s refusal to receive the new crown vaccine. Paul obviously didn’t want to get into trouble. He said: “I think it should be analyzed according to individual circumstances. I can’t make decisions for anyone except me and my family. As the former president of the players’ Union, I have spent incredible years. But I think every situation depends on the players themselves. They need to make decisions for themselves and their families.”

Owen’s refusal to receive the new crown vaccine will bring him huge economic losses. The famous salary expert Bobby Max made a clear account for him: “Missed two preseason games, lost 762000. Missed 41 home games, lost 15.6 million. Missed two games against the Knicks, lost 762000. Lost 413000. The loss of the playoffs is to be determined. In addition, Owen is eligible to renew his contract for four years, with $187 million

By Ethan