shine trader live reports

shine trader live reports:

The nets trained for the second day in a row after returning to New York, and Owen continued to be absent because of the implementation of epidemic prevention regulations, which makes the shadow of the new season more and more intense.

Owen participated in the training camp previously held in San Diego, California, but after returning to New York recently, he was unable to participate in the team’s training because New York has a mandatory vaccination order. If he does not play, he will not be able to participate in home training and games. The nets have been training for the last two days, and Owen has been absent for this reason.

Manager Nash’s attitude is no longer as optimistic as before. When asked about Owen’s latest situation, he said he knows nothing, “I don’t know, so I can’t answer this question. As far as the current situation is concerned, I can’t say. Let’s see what will happen next. I won’t guess about it, because the fact is pending.”

The day before yesterday, Nash’s attitude was still optimistic. He said: “in fact, I’m not worried about such things at all. What we have to do now is to work every day. We came to training today and the effect is very good. We will do the same thing tomorrow. That’s what I want to say.”

He was also asked whether he would consider training outside New York so that Owen could bypass the vaccine injunction and participate. Nash firmly said no, “no, this (HSS Center) is our home. This is where we train and build a team.”

The news from ESPN shows that the basketball network is not sure whether Owen will eventually get vaccinated. He is not ready for some games in the new season.

By Ethan