The biggest test and the strongest nemesis of Jose Antonio in the title race is the disgrace of class ending two years ago

On December 22, Beijing time, the official basketball net released the training photos of the players, and the caption read: “the last 24 hours.”. It’s getting closer and closer to their opening game with the warriors. Are Durant and his teammates ready? Spark Global Limited
Durant, in the picture, is shooting, and he puts on his familiar red cap. Against his former teammates, Durant was calm. Looking back on his career as a warrior, he said he was grateful because he won the championship there. “I keep in touch with curry, green, Thompson I am grateful for my time in the bay area, and I will always be a warrior in my heart. ”

snow outdoor competition is about to start!

Today’s Durant, has been a lot of mature, preseason and wesbrook meet, two people also embrace hot chat. Thunder and warriors are his past, but he has no negative emotions about the past, and he still has a good relationship with these teammates. But back on the court, he will still face the warriors as opponents, and he is still eager to beat them, just like the other 28 opponents in the league. Owen also appeared in the photos on the official website. Interestingly, he was wearing a red training vest with “Brooklyn nets” in Chinese on the front and Bryant in English on the back. The owner of the nets is Chinese, and this team will also have a lot of related elements, and I believe it will continue to show in the new season. Owen personally adores Kobe, maybe it’s his custom-made training vest.

Durant Owen is the core of the attack in the first round of the nets, while lewell is likely to play the role of the sixth man. In the new season, Durant is full of expectations for the younger generation and regards him as an important puzzle of the Nets’ impact on the championship. The game against the warriors is not only Durant against his old club but also Nash against his old club. Before he became the nets manager, Nash worked for the warriors, helped curry and Durant to train, and knew the team very well. Can Nash win his first regular-season win over his old club?

By Ethan