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According to “Aspen” news, Ramos’s contract extension with Real Madrid is still unresolved. The player’s contract will expire in 2021, and the French giants Paris Saint-Germain is willing to provide him with an after-tax annual salary. With a three-year contract of 20 million euros, under the temptation of such a high salary, will Ramos choose to go to the Prince’s Park?

Although Florentino stated to Ramos, “If you receive a good offer, then I will understand your willingness to leave.” But obviously, Real Madrid needs the presence of the captain. Whether it was the Champions League knockout against Manchester City last season or the Champions League group stage against the underdogs Shakhtar Doznek this season, Real Madrid without Ramos played a completely disproportionate game, and no one could take the initiative to stand up. Lead this messy defense line. Team captains such as Benzema, Varane, Marcelo, and others lack a sense of leadership, lack of spiritual leaders on the field, and it is not unreasonable to lose the game.

But what is surprising is that Real Madrid, a group of veterans who have won countless championships, can also lose the game when facing a Champions League underdog, which is unreasonable for a veteran giant. It is understandable that the veterans’ physical fitness declines as they age, but we cannot ignore that when they are on the court, they are no longer as competitive as the rookies who are eager to prove themselves. In addition, there is no captain on the court who can improve cohesion. These factors The concentration led to the outbreak of the problem.

In addition to the spiritual level, Ramos is also needed by the Galacticos on the competitive level. The 34-year-old captain of the national team and club was selected into the list of the top ten central defenders in history announced by “French Football”. He is also the only active player on this list. Ramos’s personal strength is evident. In the club, Varane is more like taking on the role of delaying/returning to the central defender, while Ramos takes more on the task of grabbing. The extremely aggressive Ramos has the superphysical fitness to help him fight. Every possession of the ball, and at the same time, with a wealth of experience, also enables him to defend with ease when facing any opponent. Ramos is a real big-scene player.

The disastrous defeats of this year have told Real Madrid how much they need this player to play on the field. Florentino’s statement is more like psychological warfare, whether it is the player or the club itself. I want to complete this contract renewal. In fact, the price given by Paris is not realistic. In the case of the economy being affected by the epidemic, it is obviously irrational to pay such a high price to sign a 34-year-old player. Galaxy Battleship and the captain continue The possibility of an appointment is still higher.

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