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Paul has hit 60.3 percent in the past three games, and he started today with the star, hitting the middle distance and creating opportunities for Eaton to get easy dunks and hook phone games under the basket, and still host the sun’s attack.

At 3:43 seconds, Booker finally ran in and out of the line and pulled three points. He only had seven shots in the first quarter, but the sun remained ahead. But after the pause, the Bucks strengthened their defense and played the rhythm to beat the score, and when Paul had a rest in 4:22 seconds, the sun attack stopped directly, and then only 3 points were obtained.

The sun scored 42 points in the half, the lowest first half since the first round against the Lakers G3. Paul was not very efficient in 10 points and 4 assists, but the Suns had 27 goals in total, except for him and Booker.

Paul didn’t rush to score in the second half, but his passes still pushed the sun’s counterattack rhythm, invigorated the attack and quickly reduced the difference to a single digit. The two teams started to play, Paul was 3:43 seconds and Claude three points, the fifth assists he sent out in a single quarter.

But when Paul is off the court and Eaton is unable to play in foul, the sun will not be “out” again. Booker and Craig play crazy iron, not a point in two and a half minutes, and the sun falls behind 22 points in three quarters.

Even Paul could not return to the sky, Claude fouled the final quarter, and Paul was robbed by TIG, and then Aton made a mistake again. He went back in a difficult 9:14 seconds, but after that, Eaton five times, the sun’s hope of scoring was even more slim. Paul and Claude hit three points in a row, but it still didn’t help. By the last 5:20 seconds, the sun finally changed its main force and surrendered ahead of time.

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By Ethan