Paul is the most influential player among the new arrivals. He can make Booker tear off the "rotten team brush" label

This year’s off-season deals and contracts have been basically completed. The ESPN expert group summarized the off-season operation. Three of the five experts believe that Chris Paul has the greatest influence on the team among the new players. He can not only make the Suns end the playoff shortage, but also let Devon Booker bid farewell to the bad reputation of “bad team brush”. Last season Paul performed well in the thunder, he let the thunder, which was regarded as the reconstruction team, into the playoffs, and he also entered the best lineup. Off-season Paul was sent to the Suns by thunder, and the Suns hope Paul’s joining will bring them back to the playoff stage.

Tim McMahon, who has been tracking Texas’s top three teams for a long time, said: “Paul has the most influence among the new arrivals. After the Suns got Paul, they immediately became a team worthy of serious treatment by Western teams. If the Suns can’t end the playoff shortage, it’s really disappointing. Paul’s arrival gives Booker a chance to prove that he is a real superstar, not a data brush in a bad team Thunder team reporter Royce – Yang also optimistic about Paul’s prospects in the sun: “the sun can continue to improve on the basis of a total victory in the rematch 8 games, they put Paul into a young, growing team, which provides them with the help they need. Paul can change a team, his leadership, professional attitude, sense of responsibility, calm can help the sun. The Suns already have the playoff level lineup, Paul can let the sun play a brilliant season

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Data expert Kevin Pelton said: “if Paul stays healthy and his teammates welcome him as a veteran leader, then the Suns will benefit from having one of the greatest point guards in history, just like thunder did last season.” Paul, who had four assists at his peak, is the kind of core point guard who likes to hold the ball in his hand. However, two years in the rockets and last season in Oklahoma City, Paul also developed the ability to attack without the ball. He can not only hold the ball, but also play without the ball when Booker holds the ball. In addition, there are high-quality interior lines such as Aton in the sun’s interior line. Paul can play a lot of pick and roll. He is very suitable for this sun.

Andre Snellings believes that Robert Covington has the greatest influence because he is the 3 + D type player that the Blazers need. He said: “I chose Covington. He is one of the most underrated players in the league. He is a stable and powerful assistant defensive player and can produce three points in his life. He is the kind of pioneer who needs to be able to open up space at the offensive end to make Lillard and McGrady Colem and nurkic are more relaxed players. At the same time, he can also be a defensive barrier Tim Bonton said that new sulamello ball has the greatest influence because the new technology flower show can bring attention to the Hornets. He said: “Bohr will certainly experience a lot of struggle in the Hornets, but when was the last time someone said,” I need to watch the Hornets game tonight “? With boll, the Hornets have an impact, and the last time they did it was more than 20 years ago when Alonzo moning and Larry Johnson were on the team. That alone will give Bohr a huge influence on wasps.

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