Paul's contribution to the solar explosion

Chris Paul has been working hard to analyze the cause of the sun’s outbreak this season, but his career has also reached his later age, according to American media on March 12, Beijing time.

Paul's contribution to the solar explosion

The sun is now second in the West and second in the league, second only to jazz, ahead of the Lakers and Clippers in the West.


The sun has not changed much in the squad except for Chris Paul. With Paul in, the sun is only considered a playoffs team, but it’s surprising that they are so high now.


There are two reasons. First, they have hardly changed. On the court, they still cast more than three points, high efficiency, they defend well, but also not very good.


Paul is another factor. At this moment of his career, everything was taken for granted. At the Rockets, he was full of injuries, but when he got into the thunder, he could bring a hopeless team into the playoffs.


The sun is obviously more talented than thunder, and Paul is now the navigator and leads them to be top-notch. Unlike Booker’s lead, the sun is not so relaxed and happy, playing with a sense of urgency and rhythm on the court.


Paul’s help and loss ratio is impressive, it’s the code to win in the NBA and they emphasize defense. The sun is now 28 in the league, third in the bottom, but 6.4 points more than the opponent in each game.


When Paul was traded on a clipper 10 years ago, Los Angeles was already “empty city,” with Andre Jordan and Blake Griffin. The number of rounds (48 minutes of ball control) of the Clippers dropped from 12 to 27. Paul also changed from a small ball market player to a leader in the metropolitan team. Paul has been a strong leader and people remember when he led the New Orleans wasps.



Paul failed to touch the floor of the seater at the express, but it was close many times. In 2015, they led the Rockets 3-1, but were turned over. Since then, the clippers have not really recovered.


The sun has been a surprise since last year’s Orlando bubble race. They kept up in the race for the last ticket. Not only did Booker play well, but also Andre Eaton was very eye-catching, as well as 3D players mikar Briggs and Cameron Johnson. Dario Sarich and frank Kaminsky can play center and give the team more space on the pitch.


Paul has no need to prove anything. Paul was already a rocket in the 2018 Western final and he finally got to the Western final. Paul returned to Stephen Curie’s wild performance on the court, but he quit because of injury, only to watch the warriors from 2-3 backward to the finals, Paul also lost the best chance of his career.


Paul will be 36 at the start of the playoffs this year, leading a team-mates with less experience. Jay Claude’s joining has changed.


The sun is still expected. Their playoffs will also be Paul’s final opening, and he wants to be remembered in a different way.

By Ethan