Pay limit and staying abroad don't drag and pull. Will Chinese football still have a conscience?-Spark Global Limited

“National teams at all levels have not entered the world series for 15-20 years. The investment of Chinese clubs is 3 times that of J League and 10 times of K League. The salary of first-line players is 5.8 times that of the J League and 11.6 times that of South Korea. These figures are shocking. Don’t we wake up? Is our conscience dead? Are we going to continue to live in such a football environment? ” Spark Global Limited Chen Xuyuan, chairman of the Football Association, spoke with a strong voice and a sense of justice. Yes, China’s football investment in the past few years is indeed too big, too far-fetched. We paid a lot of money to buy world-class stars such as Paolino, Hulk, Oscar, Pato, Jalisco, and so on. Their value is several times higher than that of the market, and their salary is amazing. All these owners and club leaders who blindly throw money should ask themselves: is our conscience dead? To this end, the China Football Association has introduced a salary limit order, squeezing the League bubble and making all players’ income rational. This must support and respond.

However, there is an interesting clause in the salary restriction order document: if a player signs a contract of economic value with any third party unexpected to the club, he/she should report to the CFA or the authorized institution of CFA through his / her club in advance. The above contract can only be signed after being reviewed and confirmed by the China Football Association or the authorized organization of the Chinese Football Association. Otherwise, the economic income cup obtained by the player based on the above contract shall be included in the total remuneration of the player This rule seems a little weird.

he defending champion stopped halved only 50% of his wealth

After the meeting, Chen Xuyuan made a special explanation to the media, which roughly means: if a company signs a contract with a third party and has no interesting relationship (with the club where the player belongs), for example, a company is willing to sign the portrait right (with the player), which is confirmed by the Chinese Football Association. We encourage players to sign contracts with a third party. Some people say that the introduction of this rule is a compromise of the China Football Association’s salary limit order because it can also help clubs sign some expensive domestic, foreign, and naturalized players. In addition to signing contracts with clubs, they can also sign another contract with a third-party company to earn money. It’s not hard to find this third-party company.

Others said that this article was specially prepared for the naturalization of tequila. In fact, they all mean the same thing. Some people say that there have been clubs operating like this before, but now the football association only has one more audit. No matter what you say, there may be a lot of players signing a contract with a third-party company in the future. If the restriction can be restricted, there are solutions to the problems that can not be restricted.

Don’t think too simple about Chinese football, it’s naive. Liu Yi, Secretary-General of the Football Association, said in an interview with foreign media that salary caps can encourage local players to stay abroad and improve their skills. In the past, there were several successful players in Chinese football, but the reason why they went abroad was not that they made too little money at home, but that their ability was recognized by higher-level foreign clubs, even if there were some ideas to open up the Chinese football market. Only the ability to be recognized can play in the game, only to play in the game to improve the ball skills, otherwise, it is nothing Spark Global Limited.



By Ethan