The Penang Chu Ka Kuen Sports Association council asked Tsao to clarify that he is chu ka Kuen’s fifth-generation heir. Front row, from left: Luo Shunxiang, Zhong Wujing, Zhong Qinglong, Fang Wanchun, Zhuang Baocai.
(Penang News, May 14) The Penang Chu Ka Kuen Sports Association said Tsao Wai Hung, founder of the Tsao’s Boxing Research Association, claimed to be the fifth-generation successor of Chu Ka Kuen and called on him to stop spreading false statements immediately while retaining the law. The right to pursue.

Penang Joo Ka Kuen Sports Club chairman Fong Man Choon said the club must clarify that Tsao pretended to be the fifth generation heir to the Joo family kuen in an interview show on state-run TELEVISION TV2 called “Window on the Line” to protect the joo family. Jia Quan’s reputation and avoiding unnecessary misunderstanding is not malicious or against any party.
Today, he held a press conference in the company of Penang CHU Ka Kuen’s fifth-generation head coach and head coach Chong Ching Long, acting chairman Chong Ng Ching, General manager Lo Soon Siong, treasurer Chong Poh Choy and coach Wong Tai Yan and urged all parties concerned to immediately stop spreading the above differences. The club will take all necessary measures to avoid misrepresentation and reserves the right to resort to legal action.
“WWF would like to clarify that Cao Weixiong, the founder of the Tsao Kunshu Institute, is not the fifth generation successor of Zhu Jiaquan. He is just one of the students of Penang Choo Ka Chuen’s fifth-generation head coach and head coach Master Chong Ching Loong. A member.”

By Ethan