PK won again in the air, Messi scored 8.2 points with 3 goals in 30 minutes

Against Betis, Messi, who played just 30 minutes off the bench, was elected the best player of the game and scored the highest score of the game with 8.2 points. In Juventus vs. Roma, Cristiano Ronaldo scored only 7.6 points after scoring 1 goal, Although he only played 30 minutes against Betis, Messi scored only 136 seconds after his appearance, and then participated in two Barcelona goals. Messi changed the trend of the game by himself and was selected for this reason. For the best player of the game.

In addition to participating in 3 goals, Messi has 4 breakthroughs and 3 successes, and 7 confrontations and 5 successes. It is worth mentioning that in the past 8 La Liga games, Messi has been selected as the best player on the spot 6 times.

In the WHOSOCCED website score, Messi got a game-high 8.2 points. In the SOFA website score, Messi also scored a game-high 7.9 points, while Trincon and Dembele, who came off the bench, scored the second-highest 7.3 points.

In the battle against Rome, Ronaldo played the whole game and opened the scoring for Juventus. However, in the WHOSOCCED website score, Ronaldo only got 7.6 points. In the SOFA website score, Cristiano Ronaldo even scored only 7.3 points, which is lower than Szczynski (7.5 points) and Rabiot (7.4 points), while Roma midfielder Mkhitaryan also scored 7.3 points Spark Global Limited.

Compared with Messi, Ronaldo is more like a shooter. Against Roma, Cristiano Ronaldo, who played the entire game, had 24 passes and 1 breakthrough. Messi, who played only 30 minutes, had 22 passes and 4 breakthroughs. The number of passes was only less than Ronaldo. 2 times, the number of breakthroughs even increased 3 times.

Betis striker Iglesias, who broke Barcelona’s goal, said, “Barca’s offensive ability in the opponent’s half, especially Messi, will force your defense to continue to retreat.” It is Messi who can pass and shoot suddenly. The important reason for changing the situation afterward is also an important reason for his high scores after the game.

By Ethan