Pogba enhances confrontation

   With Pogba’s key goals after coming off the bench, Manchester United beat AC Milan 1-0 and eliminated their opponents 2-1 in the two rounds to advance to the Europa League quarter-finals. Judging from the actual content of the game, the Red Devils’ gradual loss in the first half came from the midfielder, and it was difficult for Manchester United to counter-pressure against the midfielder led by Casey. Sochaux’s bold adjustments brought about effects. After Pogba’s debut, the team’s offensive advancement and organizational stage needed confrontational ability to improve Spark Global Limited.

In my personal opinion, Manchester United should summarize the two-round matchup with Milan. I even think this will affect Manchester United’s future “team building ideas”.


Manchester United: 26-Henderson, 23-Luke Shaw, 5-Maguire, 2-Lindelof, 290,000-Bissaka, 17-Fred, 39-McTominay, 21- James, 18-Bruno, 11-Greenwood, 10-Rashford (46’6-Pogba)

Substitutes did not appear: 1-De Gea, 13-Grant, 19- Diallo, 27-Tles, 31-Matic, 33-Williams, 34-Vanderbek, 38-Tuan Zebe

AC Milan: 99-Donnarumma, 20-Kalulu (65’5-Dalot), 23-Tomori, 24-Kyar, 19-Special Olympics, 33-Krunic (72′ 21-Dias), 79- Casey, 18-Mete, 7-Castillejo (65’11-Ibrahimovic), 10-Charhanoglu, 56-Salemakols

Substitutes did not appear: 1-Tatarusanu, 90-A-Donnarumma, 4-Ben Nasser, 8-Tonali, 30-Toning, 46-Gabia

From the continuous high-position push to steal the ball in the opening stage, to the subsequent loss of control of the situation, the decline in Manchester United’s performance is visible to the naked eye. This is not just a problem caused by the frequent schedule and the extreme lack of rest for the main players, but also because Manchester United is overall weaker than the opponent in the midfield link that provides confrontation.

In the first half of the game, the double midfielders composed of Fred and McTominay not only made more active errors in the high-tempo game, but also showed confrontation problems: both of them lost the ball. Right 8 times. In addition, in considering the ground confrontation of the offensive organization, McTominay succeeded 2 times and 1 time, and Fred succeeded 1 time 7 times, which showed a physical weakness. In comparison, Casey succeeded in all 2 ground confrontations, and Mett succeeded 5 times in 8 ground confrontations.

Physical shortcomings are a problem. The bigger problem is that Manchester United’s mid-range players lack the ability to organize, advance, or cope with advancement. More importantly, the gap between the mobility and confrontational capabilities of the two sides has brought about the shortcomings of positional warfare, especially when Milan’s starter placed Castillejo in the center position and strengthened offensive mobility, Manchester United’s In order to increase the strength of the back and chase, there must be someone standing in a high position when organizing the attack. This is a stark difference from Casey’s premise when the two Milan midfielders have mobility and can complete the running response when the frontcourt players are mobile.

In Figure 2 above (15 times speed), B Fee caught the ball and encountered a double-team. In the subsequent organization rotation, Manchester United’s lack of troops in the low offensive line and B Fee’s gross error in order to seek a large arc showed the offensive end. No one can stand between the defense and the opponent’s midfielder to complete the confrontation and support; in Figure 3 above, Casey has running support in the frontcourt, and when there is a pass behind him, he has created a long-range shot well.

It can be seen to the naked eye that Manchester United wants to reverse the passive situation and needs Pogba.

[Pogba brings key confrontation, Manchester United’s situation is suddenly clear]

Trade Pogba for Rashford, Sochaux’s adjustment can give a very high score. After recovering from injury, Rashford’s physical fitness and condition are not up to standard, and he has been unable to maintain the depth of the offensive on the right, and he is not originally a confrontational winger. If a match-up substitution is achieved, Milan has a faster offensive speed, and the follow-up can be replaced by Diaz. This first round brings a key holding point. Pogba’s midfielder will be due to his inherent shortness. The board was hit.

By Ethan