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Before we talk about the real estate market today, let’s talk about the market of “second elder martial brother”. After all, the house and pork are closely related to the two major events of living and eating.

At present, the latest selling price of pork has fallen below 8 yuan, and in some places it has even broken “6”. Economists have said that this is every few years there will be the curse of the pig cycle.

When the price of pork is high, everyone goes all out to raise pigs. In the end, there is overcapacity and the price drops sharply. When the farmers have broken down, the number of farmers is less, the supply is reduced, and the price of meat will soar again.

Of course, it is not appropriate to compare the price of real estate with that of the second senior brother, but it can not be denied that under the control of the invisible hand, Guangzhou’s real estate market will accelerate into a new stable cycle.

Do you agree with this?


Hot real estate no longer

Last night, Whampoa, a hot spot for buyers and Vanke City light, suddenly opened. Whether the online selection time was delayed from 8:00 to 10:30, or many registered buyers found that they could not enter the system, it showed that they were not well prepared for the opening

This time, the price of the real estate (54000-57000 / m2) did not exceed 60000, and the sales volume was not as much as that of the last time (more than 700 sets), but there was no longer a second light, which became a new topic of discussion.

You know, in the last public housing selection project, 960 units, more than 2000 groups of families participated in the online housing selection, and all the houses were cleared in two minutes.

It is true that more than 700 units will be sold at one opening, and so many people decide to sell in such a hurry, and they still have the ability to make a down payment within three days. Developers can open champagne to celebrate.

It’s just a simple comparison. We found that the market is not as amazing as before: Gee, gee.

In short, the style of painting has changed.Frick wants to leave Bayern to give up

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