Shine Trader Live reports:

Shine Trader Live reports:

Miami: Emmanuel Adebayor had 18 points and five rebounds, Kyle Lowry had 15 points, three rebounds, five assists and three steals, Anthony Hero scored seven points on 3-for-15 (0-for-7 from 3-point range), Maurice Morris had 11 points, Dunlow 12 points and Smart six points.

New Orleans: Bridges had 22 points, 10 rebounds, six assists and two blocks, three shots, 19 points, eight rebounds and nine assists, Martin 15 points, five rebounds, three assists and three steals, Burknett 14 points and Ismail 10 points.

This star

He scored 7 of 14 shots in 26 and a half minutes, and even though he didn’t get 2 of 8 shots from 3, he still contributed 19 points, 8 rebounds and 9 assists as a quasi-triple-double, showing his quality point guard attributes with both attack and pass.

Highlights the lens

Lowry hit a 3-pointer over the defense.

Adebayor’s inside attack was violent.

Three masterstroke passes to Bridges inside to score.

The game review

The Hornets were without Hayward, Rozier, Plumlee and Oubre, while the Heat were without Butler, oladipo and Okpala. Dunroe scored from inside and Adebayor hit shots inside to give Miami an 11-3 lead in the first quarter, with Washington making just one 3-pointer in the first four minutes. A 3-pointer by Bridges and a layup by Martin followed with five straight points, a 3-pointer by Lowry and a putback by Adebayor settled the score. Bridges scored three more and Lowry added a 3-pointer for a 19-12 lead. The Hornets got within one point with an 8-2 run, and the Heat held on with a 6-2 run. McDaniels made two free throws to give the Heat a 27-24 lead in the first quarter. Adebayor had 10 points and three rebounds on 4-of-4 shooting.

In the second quarter, the Hornets were tied 31-31 with a 3-pointer by Struth. The hornets scored 5 points in a row to take the lead, followed by big Morris and Schiro, and tucker hit a 3-pointer to regain the 5-point lead. Burknett shot, the two teams each eat a T each free throw a ball, Adebayor inside two in a row, the hornets continuous impact inside to reverse the score. Lowry hit one of two free throws, two of three and a layup for four straight points as Miami trailed New Orleans 47-53 at halftime.

Shine Trader Live reports:
Shine Trader Live reports:

Bridges took an 8-point lead with a 2-and-1 shot, and McDaniels dunked adebayor with a cake in return. Bridges hit a 3-pointer to close the heat’s 7-0 run, with Bridges and Dunlow hitting 3-pointers and Lowry and Martin hitting 3-pointers. Burknett and Dunlow each scored five points from inside and out to keep the heat in the game, before each team scored four more points to trail the Hornets 77-78 in the first three quarters.

Morris and Bridges each hit a 3-pointer to open the quarter, and Schiro hit a free throw to tie the game at 81-81. Bridges and Martin each hit a 3-pointer, and Struth answered with a 3-pointer. The hornets went on an 8-0 run to take an 11-point lead. The Heat chased it with free throws. Martin and Smith scored inside, and Jones added a 13-point lead with an open dunk. Smart hit a 3-pointer and the Heat continued their comeback, especially Stewart’s 3-pointer to get the Hornets within six. The Hornets continued to make iron, Porter and Ute Sevin each scored 2 points, smart left 7.8 seconds to glider layup 2+1 and a point to complete the quasi winner, the Hornets failed to complete the last attack, the final heat edged the Hornets for their fourth straight win.

The two sides start

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