shine trader limited reports

shine trader limited reports:

American media realgm sorted out the player efficiency value (per) of the preseason. Dongqiqi ranked first with 40.9, warrior guard Poole ranked second with 35.3, heat star Adebayor ranked third with 35.1, bulls forward Ariz Johnson ranked fourth with 35.0, and Grizzlies guard Morant ranked fifth with 33.7.

Lakers star Wesson ranked last in the league with – 9.7 (minus 9.7).

The basic idea of per is to convert a player’s performance into a number that can be compared, which ensures that players in different positions can be compared on the same running line after conversion; The per of the average performance of all players in the league is set as 15. If a player’s per is higher than 15, it means that the player is higher than the average level of the league. The same is true if it is lower than 15.

By Ethan