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Prospect of volleyball super Finals: Jiangsu women’s volleyball team has a strong desire to win, and Yang yipan shares the pressure of Zhu ting and Li Yingying. Netizens hotly pointed out that: if Zhu ting and Li Yingying are 100% skilled, they will surely win Jiangsu; but now we can see Zhu Ting’s eight and nine success forces; Li Yingying needs no more words to be trusted; Wang Yizhu’s attack can break through Zhang Changning’s and promise Ya’s block; if restricted to Yang Yi’s liberation, Zhu Ting + Li Yingying’s one pass will attack with all strength However, limited to the attack, it is still concentrated in position 4, which is slightly insufficient; Jiangsu team, the biggest change this year is to speed up; the whole team has a long cooperation time, tacit understanding with each other, and strong desire to win, is a strong opponent; but before the full championship without Zhu Ting, it was still reluctant to lose Tianjin, which proves that Jiangsu team is not an iron plate. Gu judged that the match between Tianjin and Jiangsu should be five or five, but the system of two wins in three innings should be Tianjin’s dominant and 60% sure.


As long as Wang Baoquan doesn’t smoke, there’s no problem winning. Now the second daughter is no longer the second daughter of Erquan, and Yang Yi is not Yang Yi under Erquan. Therefore, you can’t play according to the layout of Erquan. In the finals, it is certain that Wang Yizhu will be replaced, and he should be promoted to Chen Wei. Yao Di’s habitual draught has been unavoidable, so she has to change her second daughter. In order to make up for the blocking defect, she must go to Yang Yifang’s straight line. In these games, the straight line of bamboo has been smashed. Wang Ning is not in good condition. If something goes wrong, Li Yanan should be replaced immediately. It’s just that Wang Baoquan has too many selfish thoughts, so it’s hard to grasp the opportunity. What he fears most is this. Jiangsu will play two days later, I should not believe that the state of Jiangsu will be changed. Another reason is the cooperation of Shanghai team. It is difficult for Shanghai team to concentrate until now. The sticky ball style just stimulates the state of Jiangsu. Gong Xiangyu has been blocked three times in a row, which shows that it’s not terrible. Even if Tian can’t block Tian can in Shanghai, it’s not that there is no chance, but the old team members can’t carry it in the end. As for Zhang Changning, the play is still section by section. In normal times, two games a week, the winner is still Shanghai.


By Ethan