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How to improve the thermal efficiency of rotor engine? Well, you asked a question that Mazda engineers wanted to know the most. If I can answer this question perfectly, Mazda company will hire me in the past with high salary, and I am a person who can’t resist the temptation of high salary. So in order to avoid the brain drain of the motherland, I’d better answer it in a random way, and never let them find out that I am a talent.

Spark Global Limited, I don’t want to talk about the structure and working principle of the rotor engine. Anyway, I can’t understand it. If you understand it, you may not understand it. It means that a triangular rotor rotates in an oval cylinder, and then sucks in the mixture of gasoline and air, ignites it with spark plug, and the gas burns and expands to do work, which makes the triangular rotor rotate more happily and drives the crankshaft in the center of the rotor to rotate to output power. Its biggest advantage is that once the rotor turns, it can do work once, and the work lasts for a long time, so the rotor engine has high speed and abundant power. The Mazda racing car, which was equipped with a rotor engine for the first time, completely abused various car lines in Europe, the United States and Japan, forcing the FIA to change the rules and drive Mazda racing cars out of the competition.


It is well known that the combustion efficiency of rotor engine is low, which is determined by its structural characteristics, such as low compression ratio, poor sealing, etc. Mazda company has been studying hard for so many years, but it hasn’t come up with one. I’ll solve it in a few words. They haven’t assassinated me yet! In addition, the high fuel consumption and high pollution of rotor engine are basically unsolved. High fuel consumption is not only a lack of gasoline, but also a good hand in burning engine oil. It is said that the public burns engine oil. Compared with the rotor engine, it is very small.


Since the rotor engine has so many insurmountable shortcomings, why Mazda company has been pursuing so many years? Are they lack of heart? In fact, Mazda company has its own ideas. Of course, this is my own guess: Mazda is a relatively small automobile company in Japan. In order to avoid being merged by several big automobile companies, Mazda took this obsolete technology as its own exclusive secret, thus avoiding the fate of being merged. But you can’t tear down the bridge when you cross the river. In addition, Mazda still knows a little gratitude, so he takes the rotor engine as his Savior, burns incense when he has nothing to do, and says to the public that he has developed the rotor engine to a state of perfection. You must not provoke me, or I will let it out for you to see. But in my opinion, this is just a bluff. If the rotor engine is really so fragrant, why don’t other car companies develop it? Are they all melons? So one day in the future, when Mazda is so powerful that it doesn’t need rotor engine protection, rotor engine will end its historical mission.

By Ethan