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After Monday’s training session, when Messi drove away from the training base, some fans who were dissatisfied with Messi shouted at him, “Wake up!” This scene also attracted Messi’s attention. After Messi announced on September 4 that he would stay in Barcelona for the new season, the media believed that the Argentine’s every move would be carefully observed under a magnifying glass. Messi’s performance this season is not ideal. 11 games participated in 10 goals (6 goals and 4 assists), but only one of the goals was a sports goal. In the loss to Atletico Madrid, Messi and Barcelona’s performances were criticized by the media, believing that this was the worst game that Barcelona played this season. Even Suarez said in an interview, “I am Messi is worried.”

“Aspen” pointed out that there is no doubt that this is the most delicate moment for the Argentines in Barcelona. Although he stayed, he was in poor condition and his performance was far from the previous seasons. Whether it was the media, fans, or the team, he noticed this. Many fans believe that Messi is still the undisputed core of this team, but there are also fans who do not like his attitude.

On Monday, when Messi drove away from the training base, a fan shouted at Messi, “Wake up.” This made the Barcelona captain very curious. He even turned his face to look at the fan and touched it. Own nose. However, Messi did not have any communication with the fans but drove away from the base. Messi has been criticized face to face by fans. This is the first time this season. If Barcelona’s results and Messi’s performance do not improve rapidly, then this will obviously not be the last.

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