Frick wants to leave Bayern to give up

According to the statistics of European basketball media, European basketball giants Real Madrid have sent 10 players to the NBA in the past 10 years. Just through the buyout fees of these players, Real Madrid earned 18 million euros from the NBA.

According to statistics, in the past 10 years, Real Madrid has delivered to the NBA, including Nikola Mirotic (Chicago Bulls), Sergio Rodriguez (Philadelphia 76ers), Kyle singler (Detroit Pistons), meggery (Dallas Lone Ranger), ndur (New York Knicks), Willie Hernan Gomez (New York Knicks), Luca dongcic (Dallas Lone Ranger) Campazo (Denver Nuggets), Gabriel dyke (Oklahoma thunder) and garuba (Houston Rockets).

Among them, all the other players need to pay buyout fees, except that singler, mejery, ndur and Hernan Gomes are the end of the contract. Mirotic paid 2.5 million, Rodriguez paid 2.5 million, dongcic paid 2 million, dyke paid 2 million and garuba paid 3 million.

In order to realize his dream of playing in the NBA, Argentine campazo had to pay a buyout fee of 6 million euros. It is worth mentioning that what campazo signed with the Nuggets was just a short contract of $6.4 million over two years. In order to dream, the Argentine genius is simply playing with money.

By Ethan