Real Madrid scored 4-1 and double-killed the strong enemy

In the early morning of March 17th, Beijing time, in the second round of the Champions League 1/8 final, Real Madrid beat Atlanta 3-1 at home, with a total score of 4-1 double-killing opponents to advance to the quarterfinals of the Champions League. Modric assisted Benzema to take the lead. Benzema tied the number of goals scored in the Champions League during the same period after Ronaldo left the team. Ramos made a penalty kick. Ramos scored more goals in the Champions League than Zizuzdalo. Muriel made a direct free kick. The goal was pulled back, and Asensio came off the bench to score.

Competition highlights

Ramos scored the 15th goal of the Champions League career, surpassing the 14-goal aliens Ronaldo, Zidane, Klose, and Adriano. Real Madrid’s captain won 7 goals in the Champions League knockout, tying Marcelo, tied for fourth in team history, second only to Cristiano Ronaldo with 50 goals, Benzema with 18 goals, and Raul with 15 goals. Since Cristiano Ronaldo left the team, Benzema has scored 14 goals in the Champions League, the same as Cristiano Ronaldo during the same period. The Frenchman has scored 70 goals in his Champions League career and ranks fifth in the history of scorers, second only to Ronaldo, Messi, Lewandre, and Raul. In the Champions League career, Benzema scored 32 goals from different teams, second only to Messi Ronaldo and Raul Spark Global Limited.

The two teams had only one match in history, and Real Madrid won 1-0 in the first leg. Zidane continued to adopt a three-back formation, Valverde replaced the suspended Casemiro, Modric Cross played in rotation, and Hazard was absent due to injury. In the opening 2 minutes, Muriel made a sinking pass from the left-wing, Gossen shot in front of the goal, and Courtois held the ball. In the 15th minute, Malinowski passed a corner from the left to form a melee in the penalty area. Jim Siti turned and shot high. In the 26th minute, Vinicius broke into the penalty area from the left wing, Benzema knocked back in time, Vinicius stopped the ball to adjust too much, the shot was blocked, Modric missed a long shot outside the penalty area. In the 29th minute, Vinicius forced his left-wing into the penalty area and fell down after a slight collision with Romero. The referee ignored him.

By Ethan