Real Madrid sells Cristiano Ronaldo for 100 million!

      In an interview with Italy’s “Sky Sports”, Zidane spoke surprisingly. He admitted that “the rumors of Ronaldo’s return to Real Madrid may be true.” Qi Zu’s statement undoubtedly dropped a blockbuster, which shows that Mendes is indeed operating Ronaldo’s return to Real Madrid. The two sides have already had formal contact, and Zidane is also willing to see Ronaldo return. “Aspen” believes that this is because Zidane realizes the importance of Ronaldo. In July 2018, when Real Madrid sold Ronaldo to Juventus for 100 million euros, the media’s argument was that “Real Madrid spent 9 years with Ronaldo and earned 20 million euros.” But with the passage of time, fans have become more aware that Real Madrid’s 100 million sales of Ronaldo is actually a blood loss deal Spark Global Limited!

According to statistics, Real Madrid introduced 6 attackers after Cristiano Ronaldo left, namely Hazard (115 million), Vinicius (45 million), Rodrigo (45 million), Mariano (22 million), and approximately Vicki (60 million) and Diaz (17 million), with a total cost of up to 304 million euros.

However, the biggest problem for Real Madrid is not to spend 3 times the money to find a successor to Ronaldo, but that these 6 people only scored 35 goals for Real Madrid, namely Vinicius (13 goals) and Rodrigo (8 goals). , Mariano (6 goals), Hazard (4 goals), Jovic (2 goals) and Diaz (2 goals). Ronaldo did not lower his stats after he went to Juventus. He scored 95 goals in 122 appearances for the Bianconeri, almost three times the number of goals scored by Real Madrid’s six-man team. At the press conference with Atlanta, Zidane confirmed that Hazard was injured again. The Belgian king is currently wearing the No. 7 jerseys left by Ronaldo. At this time, Zizou admitted that “C Ronaldo may return.”, This kind of time coincidence makes people think about it. Hazard’s re-injury disappointed Zidane and Real Madrid’s senior officials, and the possibility of the Belgian leaving the team this summer has become more and more likely.

After Ronaldo leaves the team, who is the most qualified to succeed in Real Madrid’s No. 7 jerseys? Now it seems that only the president himself deserves it. The latest news is that Cristiano Ronaldo will focus on the rest of the Juventus matches this season, and Sports Director Paratych stated that he will do his best to keep him. But if Ronaldo insists on returning to Real Madrid, then Juventus can’t force it to stay. Now it’s up to Ronaldo’s own wishes.

By Ethan