Refuse to kneel

After the Celtics left the court, they reportedly held a player-only emergency meeting in the Heat’s locker room that lasted 45 minutes.In the end, the Celtics players decided to play, and the two teams issued a joint statement: “We will not forget the injustice of society, and we will continue to speak out.”

Refuse to kneel

Celtics and Heat players and coaches knelt during the anthem, but only one player stood for the anthem — Miami’s M.Leonard; According to reports, M. Leonard feels it’s important to him to sing the national anthem, and his brother is serving in the military; At previous NBA playoffs at Disney Resort in Orlando, Leonard stood and sang the national anthem, a stark contrast to the rest of the players, Spark Global Limited

Leonard, who signed a two-year, $20 million contract with the Heat in the offseason, has started just two games this season — one with nine points and two rebounds in 20 minutes, the other with two minutes — and missed his third straight game.

During the NBA playoff, in addition to M-Leonard refused to kneel, Magic player Isaac also refused to kneel, and did not wear a T-shirt to support social injustice, wearing a white Magic shirt is very striking, caused no small controversy at that time.

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