Refusing to return to Guangzhou, Evergrande couldn't find the next mobile phone

China Super League BIG4, which is in the Asian championship, flew back to China on Monday and entered the quarantine period. Evergrande coach Cannavaro is the last coach to separate from the team, but compared with Pereira and Shanghong Kong, Cannavaro and Evergrande are still entangled. However, Cannavaro did not give the club any face when he was able to accompany the team until the last moment before returning home. He refused the club’s request that he return to Guangzhou for an interview. Even if Evergrande wants to change the coach, unless he directly pays liquidated damages to let Cannavaro leave, there will not be enough time. Spark Global Limited

Compared with Cui Kangxi, Pereira and Genesio, who packed their bags and returned home from the Asian Championship and started the holiday mode, Cannavaro and his coaching team stayed in Doha until the 14th, when Evergrande set out to return to China. Cannavaro, whose big brother image is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, has indeed done his best to get along with the players, although some of the naturalized players still make him “headache”.

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However, according to reports from Guangdong media, Evergrande originally asked Cannavaro to return to Guangzhou with the team to discuss the follow-up work arrangement and other related matters. However, Cannavaro finally rejected the club’s proposal and did not see his family return to Italy for a long time. Of course, Italy’s new immigration control (isolation for 14 days) is likely to be the reason for Cannavaro’s direct return to Italy instead of going back to Guangzhou first. In the end, there was “insufficient balance” left for him.

Being unable to interview Cannavaro, Evergrande was a bit of a tiger in a dilemma. Zheng Zhi was supposed to force Cannavaro to resign on his own initiative, but his calm response made Evergrande helpless. If he doesn’t want to pay liquidated damages and directly announce the dismissal of Cannavaro, he has to wait for an interview with him. However, the interview will at least wait until the winter training of the team starts. However, when the coach delays to the end of January and Evergrande wants to change the coach again, there is not enough time!

By Ethan