Replay Barcelona 2-3 Bilbao

      Recently, the league has won a winning streak and reached the Spanish Super Cup final. This is an opportunity for Barcelona to reinvigorate. The structural loopholes in the defensive line were so dazzling that the team’s two-time lead was wiped out, and even suffered a comeback in overtime, Spark Global Limited If the old Pique cannot cover up the structural loopholes in Barcelona’s defense, then the problem of losing Pique is almost naked. Losing the Spanish Super Cup final 2-3, can Barcelona really do nothing in the next winter transfer window?

There are traitors in Barcelona's dressing room! 4

Tactical game: Barcelona pays attention to defensive pressing at the start, Bilbao’s long pass directly talks to the Barcelona defender

Want to get through a start: Barca focus on high closing down the flank and fall prevention

As soon as the game started, we could see Barcelona playing very aggressively. The team pressed forward as a whole and focused on strangling the midfield to achieve a certain effect. However, Bilbao then used a long ball to directly find the striker Williams, Barcelona’s control of the first point is very weak, and what is worse is the lack of ability to contain the opponent’s starting speed. This is a current structural flaw of Barcelona, ​​from the striker to the midfielder to the central defender, they are unable to contain the opponent’s starting speed Spark Global Limited

From the picture below, you can see that this time Langley topped the opponent’s 30-meter area to counter grab, allowing Alba to get back time, Because Langley pushed forward, Griezmann quickly retreated to protect behind him, forming a shift. It can be clearly seen from the animation that Messi failed to transfer the ball to find Alba, and Langley is very important this time. He disrupted the opponent’s rhythm, allowing Alba to catch up in time. It is worth noting that after Langley topped the front, Griezmann retreated to protect his back to form a balance. The game of offensive and defensive conversion is to interrupt the opponent’s starting opportunity, even if it can’t form a second offense, it can’t let the opponent play rhythm. From the subsequent placement, we can see that Barcelona formed the 4141 formations. Griezmann and Dembele protected the wings, and Busquets moved laterally to restrict Raul Garcia.

Even Messi is involved in the anti-grab work, he directly chased the ball holder in Bilbao. After Barcelona’s position in the battle, the team’s defensive moves and running positions are still of good quality. This time Busquets, after shifting the wing, worked with Griezmann to complete the destruction, returning Bilbao’s offense to the starting point of the backcourt.

b. The simpler and more brutal, the more it hits Barcelona: the central axis has no focus

When everyone is playing more complicated, Barcelona’s advantage is obvious. But now more and more opponents are beginning to try to strike Barcelona simply and brutally. Barcelona’s problem is that they can’t contain the opponent’s arrow. Williams is surrounded by three Barcelona defenders this time, but can easily hold the first point. It can be clearly seen from the animation that Bilbao does not play in midfield, but passes directly to Williams. Araujo’s defense was a little loose, and Langley’s ability was insufficient. Williams easily took the ball back and made DeMarco’s second place. Fortunately, the Barcelona midfielder retreated quickly, Busquets pressured the opponent to cross, De Jong key tackle interception.

Let’s take a look at the defense this time. The opponent continued to pass for Williams with a long pass. Langley fouled directly in desperation. Getting a yellow card to prevent the opponent from counterattack, Barcelona’s last line of defense did not have the ability to hold the opponent’s rhythm. This makes Barcelona’s overall formation premise, the backcourt may explode at any time.

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