Retreat Arsenal 4-2 Leeds: Gunners win in two moves

With a long – lost dominance and a long – lost three-goal lead at half-time, Arsenal had a happy first 50 minutes. However, in the second half of the middle and late, the Gunners had a messy defensive formation, gave Leeds the appearance of a miraculous turnaround. Fortunately, coach Arteta timely substitution adjustment, consolidate the advantage, the 4-2 score to maintain the end. Tactical game: high close to grab + team before pressure, Arsenal to win the ball not to discuss

A. High closing down: Leeds’ conversion rhythm is disrupted Arsenal went into 2021 and straightened out the system again. Attack center of gravity one is responsible for the scoring of the front arrow, one is the right-wing of the Saka Severus, on loan from Real Madrid, will be joined in the starting line-up by Edgard, who will be looking for consistency and technical superiority in the center Although the viewing effect is still good, but really play a role in breaking the game is still Aubameyang and Saca, Real Madrid double star combination is once a soft rib of defense As you can see from the position below, Arsenal’s overall forward pressure is very strong, will be Leeds United completely in their own back Spark Global Limited.

This time Zaka snap up the ball and David Luiz’s position came into a rather aggressive position It’s clear from the GIF that the Leeds backfield tried to play the ball, only to be tackled by Zaka before they got past the center circle.

However, the ball was misplayed by Sevalos and Leeds took possession again. But Arsenal had a second counter-attack and Leeds struggled to get the ball across the half. Arsenal even got in front of their opponents’ goalkeepers on a number of occasions, even as Leeds United’s close contact points were blocked.

The intensity of the closing down was amazing and there was a physical point in the middle of the second half, which is a normal result. As is clear from the GIF below, Arsenal’s pressure was successful. Leeds United could not find a chance to push on the ground, even if they moved left and right. The Gunners attacked again with a long ball into the center circle, which was picked up by Arsenal center-back Luiz.

By Ethan