The biggest winner of the UEFA Super League!

Middleton scored 29, 11 and 18 points in the first three games, but the attack efficiency was not high. In this game, the sun team strengthened their guard against the letter brother. In this case, Middleton took on more. Shortly after the first quarter, horadie broke the ball and Middleton followed up and started to play easily. But since then, the Bucks’ whole team attacked and power was cut off, and Middleton also played the iron continuously. Until the middle of this section, Middleton raced three points and finally stopped bleeding. In 4 minutes and 48 seconds, Middleton forced to pull against the defense and hit a high-difficulty middle shot.

Middleton continued to be the main player in the season. Letter brother takes off the rebound and throws the quarterback long pass. Middleton is tacit. He plays back and starts playing in the basket, reducing the difference to 3 points. 6:43 seconds, Middleton single pick bridges, a move up and down to move out of the space, throw easy points. In this game, the main ball controller, horadie, played poorly, Middleton also took on the organizational task, and sent the players such as letter brother and big Lopez a good pass. Middleton hit the heart three points in the final half and drew a strong draw. Half time, two teams draw, Middleton only cut 16 points 4 rebounds 3 assists.

Yi Bian fought again, Middleton came up with three iron, but also made mistakes. Fortunately, letter brother stood out, and continued to fight to stabilize the situation. Until the middle of this section, Middleton’s free throw line was in a hurry to break the scoring gap. The third quarter is 49 seconds left, Middleton’s long-range shot, and the three points are finally continued.

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By Ethan