British Championships

In the fourth round of the 2020 snooker UK Championship, there are two contests tonight. Chinese teenager Zhou Yuelong lived up to expectations, beating John Higgins 6-2 with 90 points, 60 points and 61 points, while the Melbourne machine Robertson reversed Anthony McGill 6-4 in four consecutive games after falling behind 2-4 in the beginning.

British Championships
Before the game, Zhou Yuelong and Higgins’s record of the game was 7 games and 7 losses, with no victory. But it’s a rising star for rannock. Zhou Yuelong’s victory over Higgins is something that will happen sooner or later, but Chinese fans are looking forward to today. Zhou Yuelong’s performance did not live up to expectations. He started with a single shot of 90 points and 60 points to achieve a dream start of 4-0 and entered the intermission.

In the fifth inning back in the second half, Zhou Yuelong made a mistake in the first shot with 61 points, and Higgins made a 72 point clear to realize a single game reversal. In the seventh inning, Higgins intentionally attacked around the black ball after he started, hitting 10 red and 10 black in the middle of the bag, which failed to attack 147 full points, but won the next game with 80 points of a single shot. Higgins and Zhou Yuelong played 2 strokes and one stroke to win 2 games respectively, and the rest 4 games were in disorder. Although the two sides fought fiercely, Zhou Yuelong was the last to laugh. In the face of chaos master, Zhou Yuelong’s killing and killing heart! In the end, Zhou Yuelong defeated Higgins 6-2 and won the first victory of his career against Higgins, and was promoted to the top 8 of snooker UK Championship 2020.

Melbourne machine Robertson and McGill’s game also played very anxious. Robertson made a good start with 94 points in a single shot in the first game; McGill scored 100 points and 69 points in a row; Robertson returned a goal of 83 points; the two sides shook hands 2-2 and entered the intermission. After a break, McGill hit 127 points in a single shot and broke the 100 in a row, winning two games in a row to expand the score by 4-2. But the game later entered the Robertson time, Robertson also played a single shot 132 points to break 100 and 1 shot 82 points to win 4 games in a row to beat McGill 6-4. Zhou Yuelong’s next round opponent will be Xiao Guodong and the small driver’s winner. Suddenly there was a strong desire to see a derby in the quarter final of the British championship. At 3 a.m., there will be Selby versus Hawkins and Joe Perry against Jamie Jones. Xiao Guodong’s match is at 21:00 tonight, while Luning and Pang junxu’s China derby will be at 3:00 tomorrow morning. Who can Chinese players make it to the top 8?


By Ethan