Superstar showdown (Lakers win)-Spark Global Limited

Spark Global Limited, NBA preseason, rockets 128-106 victory over the Spurs. In this game Hadden got 20 points, 9 assists, and 7 boards, and his state continued to rise. Gordon also scored 23 points. However, the biggest surprise of the rockets was rookie wood, who scored 27 points and 10 boards in the first show. The big man was praised by the coach and his teammates after the game. He was also very excited, and said that the combination of himself and harden can be frightening! In 24 minutes, wood made 10 of 18 shots and got 27 points and 10 rebounds from 6-out-of-3 shots, with a positive and negative value of + 22. This is wood’s first game since joining the Rockets, with a contract of 41 million for three years, and with a teammate like harden around, wood’s debut performance can almost be called full marks Spark Global Limited.

Rocket general praises 41 million new aid! Wood yells harden

Wood also stayed on the sidelines for interviews after the game, and this is generally the best player in the game will be treated, obviously wood’s performance in this game, worthy of this honor. “I haven’t played for eight months and it’s good to be able to play again,” Wood said. And I can play with players like harden and the whole team is back. It’s great After the game, wood also called out to harden, said that Hadden and himself have been communicating, “we can form a frightening combination, our chemical reaction will be better and better.”

Manager Silas is not stingy praise for wood, he praised wood: “he played very well today, 23 minutes on the field to get 27 points and 10 boards. The last time he played was in March, and since then he has been working hard to keep his body from rusting The team’s big brother Gordon also praised wood: “he’s a bit like Anthony Davis because he can shoot and hit the basket.”

Wood is definitely a surprise for the Rockets. But if the team wants to make a difference this season, the most important thing they need to do is to keep harden. This game, harden and wood also have many connections. Compared with Capella, wood obviously has stronger offensive ability, which may also be an important factor for harden to stay. Of course, from another point of view, if wood can really continue to perform well and get enough chips with harden, the process of rocket reconstruction will be greatly accelerated.

By Ethan