Rocket Knights negotiate a deal with Wei Shao! Is MVP still likely to leave the team? Mingji: the asking price of rest city is too high

On December 2, Beijing time, in the latest podcast, charlania revealed that the Rockets had not only talked to the Wizards about the Westbrook deal, but also found another fish belly in the East: the Cleveland Cavaliers.

“They (the Rockets) talked to Washington about John wall, and that’s what I’ve reported,” Saranya said on the show. “I was told that they also talked to the Cavaliers.”American media generally believe that wesbrook’s trading value is limited, but the rocket still wants to find a trading partner who can provide high returns. “When they talked with Washington about the wesbrook deal, I was told that the Rockets also asked for other chips, whether it’s a draft right or a young player, you ask such a high price, and you still trade wesbrook. The attitude of the Rockets is that if the other side can’t meet the conditions, they will leave Westbrook and let him continue to play for the Rockets, which is not a problem.”

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In this way, the Rockets’ negotiations on Westbrook’s deal are actually price matching. They ask interested teams to see who can provide higher returns. If the returns do not meet the needs of the Rockets, they will not launch a transaction. After all, the Rockets are not in a hurry on this matter. Wesbrook has three years left on his contract, and the third year is a player option. In other words, wesbrook will not be out of contract as soon as summer 2022 and become a free agent. There is still a lot of time left for the Rockets, they can play and watch and wait for a better offer. Wesbrook is the MVP of the regular season in 2017. He averaged 27.2 points, 7.9 rebounds and 7 assists per game in the 2019-20 season. His salary is $41.35 million in 2020-21, 44.21 million in 2021-22, and 47.06 million in 2022-23, a player option. However, it’s not clear what kind of young players gawkers and Cleveland would ask for in terms of their selection and the return of the young Cavaliers. The Cavaliers are currently in a rebuilding state. In the two seasons since James left, they haven’t made the playoffs. Last season, the record was 19-46.

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