Rockets boss announces retirement of harden jerseys

It seems that the rockets and the previous forced deal of harden has completely reconciled, the Rockets announced that they will retire harden’s No. 13 Jersey in the future.


Rockets boss announces retirement of harden jerseys

Local time on Tuesday, the Rockets owner fertita announced that the team will retire harden’s shirt in the future, in recognition of his great contribution to the rockets and the local community over the years.


“James Harden will always be a rocket man. Of course we’ll retire his shirt. He made my first three years with this team unforgettable. His eight years of service have brought great success to this team and created a lot of memories for our fans and the community


Before this season, harden forced the Rockets to trade him away, and did not attend the training camp of the Rockets, which turned into a bloody farce. However, harden apologized to the Rockets after moving to the nets, and helped the local people many times after the blizzard disaster in Houston.


Harden is the 11th in the history of the rockets and will be the last player to wear No. 13. Before that, six Rockets players’ jerseys were retired, including Murphy (No. 23), Moses Malone (24), olajuwan (34), Tom janovic, Drexler (22) and Yao Ming (11).


Harden joined the Rockets in 2012, and was traded to the nets in January this year. He played a little more than eight seasons, during which he won eight NBA all stars, three NBA scoring Championships, one assists champion and one MVP. He is the Rockets’ third MVP player after olajuwan and Malone.


Harden led the Rockets to a great success. He led the team to the playoffs for eight consecutive years, including two Western Conference finals and three Western Conference semifinals. In the 2017-18 season, he made the Rockets play the best record of the regular season with 65 wins. Unfortunately, he didn’t win the championship in the Rockets, which made him leave Houston with regret.

By Ethan