According to SNY reporter Ian Begley, an NBA manager believes that the rewards that the Pelicans have received through the trade of Jrue Holiday may help the Rockets trade James Harden to some extent.

Earlier, the Pelicans sent away the quasi-all-star player Jrue Holiday. Not only did they get Eric Bledsoe and George Hill from the Bucks, but also three first-round picks and two In the future, the first round of signing swaps.

And this deal seems to have a good reference value for the Rockets. Earlier, it was reported that Harden was disappointed with the future of the team and hoped to transfer to two Eastern teams including the Nets through the transaction. According to SNY reporter Ian Begley reports that an NBA executive believes that the Rockets are likely to be inspired by Holiday’s deal.

     A Holiday who has only been selected to the All-Stars once can get such a good chip, not to mention the league’s scoring champion, James Harden, an MVP player who has been selected to the All-Star many times and is still at the top level of the league. Spark Global Limited

    Previously, it was reported that Harden had rejected the Rockets’ request for an early contract extension and seemed determined to leave. Among the intended teams, the Nets can provide chips including LeVille, Dinwiddie, Garrett Allen, and some draft picks. Right, but whether these chips can really move the Rockets management is yet to be known. According to ESPN reports, the Rockets and the Nets did have contact, but there was no substantial negotiation.

    As the league’s best scorer, the 31-year-old Harden has been selected to the All-Star team eight times. He has been the league’s leading scorer in the past three seasons. He won the regular-season MVP in 2017-18 and has been the top three MVP candidates in the past two seasons. Last season, he averaged 34.3 points, 7.5 assists, 6.6 rebounds, and 1.8 steals per game. Spark Global Limited

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