Rocket general praises 41 million new aid! Wood yells harden

What will happen to the NBA next week (December 28 – January 3, Beijing time)? What wonderful duels will be staged? What historical data will be refreshed? Let’s see it first. (follow me, learn about the NBA game every day, and learn about the major events in NBA next week in advance every weekend) Rockets will return to the main team Spark Global Limited Due to the rocket forward Kenyon Martin Jr. new crown test results have been shown to be positive, according to the contact tracking agreement, a number of players including John wall and cousins were forced to isolate for seven days. In addition, a rocket staff was also found to be infected with the new crown, Eric Gordon and others have had contact with him, but also encounter isolation. If these players have no problems during the observation period, then the Rockets will also welcome back to the main team next week.

“Dream” green will return, Due to the right foot injury, Raymond Green missed the first two games of the season. “Dream” has returned to normal training. He will come back in next week’s game against the bulls or pistons. Green’s defense and organization are needed by the warriors, and his passion on the field will infect the team to a certain extent. NBA will announce the results of the fifth round of the new championship Since November 25, the NBA has carried out four new crown tests on players. From November 25 to December 1, 48 players were tested positive. From December 2 to 9, 8 new players were infected with the new crown virus. In the third and fourth round of tests, there were 3 cases. With the season on track, the number of new crown infections in the league is also decreasing, and the fifth round of tests next week will be completed, Will there be zero addition in the alliance?

Rockets boss announces retirement of harden jerseys

Will harden continue to expand his list? The Rockets lost the first game of the season, but it was difficult for harden to win after 44 + 17. But the bigger suspense is, how long can harden’s rocket player status maintain? No one can give an answer. Mustache seems to have made up his mind. He is constantly expanding the scope of his favorite team. At first, there are only two destinations for harden, namely the nets and the 76ers. But then he added the heat and bucks to his favorite list. Due to the delay in making progress in the trade, harden further expanded his target scope, plus the Blazers and Celtic People, almost every week, have new targets. Which teams will be on the list next week?

Next week’s key events (Beijing time, visiting team ahead, home team behind), December 28 04:30 Lone Ranger vs clipper, In the first round of last season’s playoffs, the lone ranger caused a lot of trouble for the Clippers. Dong Qiqi and Leonard staged a fierce division war in that round of series, which made the competition process exciting. Now the Clippers are 2-0 and the lone ranger is 0-2. When the two teams meet, what kind of script will be put on? 11:00, December 29, blazers vs Lakers, In last season’s playoffs, “Lillard time” only took effect in the first game against the Lakers. In the following games, the miracle failed to perform, and Lillard finally bid farewell to the season by way of injury. Now when we meet again, how can Shuang Gun and Zhan Mei fight? What kind of warm story will melon and James play?


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