spark limited reports

spark limited reports:

September 5 – according to rocket reporter alykhan bijani, the source revealed that former NBA player Monta Ellis has been training for the Rockets this week.

According to previous reports, Ellis has been on trial for the lone ranger. In addition, Ellis admitted that he could play for another five years and rejected the offer from China.

Ellis is a rookie in 2005. He is 35 years old. The last time he played in the League was in 2016-17.

According to rocket reporter Kelly IKO, the source revealed that in addition to Ellis, the Rockets also conducted a trial training for Gerrard green.

Gerrard green, 35, last played in the NBA in the 18-19 season. At that time, he also played for the Rockets, averaging 9.2 points, 2.5 rebounds and 0.5 assists.

By Ethan