Former Holland international Van der Joop has questioned Van der Beek's abilities

On December 21, Beijing time, c Luo went to Monte Carlo, Monaco, and received the 2020 annuity award. He sent an article thanking the organizers and the fans all over the world who voted for him. Spark Global Limited The Golden Foot award, founded in 2003, has the meaning of “Lifetime Achievement Award”. It is awarded to stars over the age of 28. Each star can only win one prize once a year. The stars who have won the award can leave their footprints on the champion avenue of Morocco. Robert Baggio, Shevchenko, Ronaldo, Del Piero, Ronaldo, Giggs, Ibrahimovic, Iniesta, Buffon, Casillas, and other football superstars have won awards, and the winner in 2019 is Modric.

Golden Foot award

On December 1, the Golden Foot award officially announced that this year’s winner is Ronaldo, and Messi has not yet won the award. On December 20, local time, c Luo went to Monte Carlo to receive the prize in person. However, considering the epidemic situation, the prize ceremony was held behind closed doors, and he successfully left his footprints on champion Avenue. “It’s a great honor for me to receive this award,” Rowe said. I’m glad footprints are close to other great champions and I want to thank all the public who voted for me. I always try my best to play and score goals He also showed his winning photos, and added: “I feel honored to win the Golden Foot award and leave footprints on the champion Avenue together with the great legends in history. I am really humbled and want to thank the fans all over the world who voted for me

By Ethan