spark limited reports

spark limited reports:

September 1 – today, the Lakers officially announced Rondo’s official return to the team, and then Rondo was interviewed by the media.

On the age of the team, Rondo said: “the wisdom of the stadium is absolutely the key to winning the championship, and we have a lot of (wisdom).”

“Obviously, experience will increase with age. What excites me most is that I am no longer the oldest person in the team. I may be one of the five youngest people in the team now. Two months ago, I was the oldest player in the team, and now I am one of the youngest players in the team (laughing). I look forward to it.”

“In addition, without discipline, you won’t last long in this alliance. I talked to Ariza. He has played for 17 years and LeBron for 18 years, so we have some very experienced people who have maintained a high level and played in the League for many years

“So I don’t worry about anything, nor do I worry about the audience saying that our age will have an impact on the game. I think thinking is the key to our victory this year. ” Said Rondo.

By Ethan