Rookie lineup announced

NBA officials today announced the all star rookie game lineup list, Zion, Morant, lamello Bauer led the U.S. team; Barrett, bamun and kampazo were selected into the world team list.



Team USA: Zion, Morant, lamello Bauer, Edwards, Harry Burton, Hiro, de Andre hunt, kelden Johnson, Michael Potter, Wiseman.


World Team: achua, afdiya, Alexander walker, Barrett, campazo, Brandon Clark, doth, bamun, Malden, Mulder.


NBA officials have previously confirmed that this year will not hold rookie challenge, but will announce the rookie challenge shortlist. The official said that the reason for not holding the game was that all the All-Star activities could not be completed in one day.


The rookie all star list will include 10 first and second graders from the United States and 10 overseas first and second graders. The players selected will be voted by all League coaches.

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By Ethan