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On December 16, Beijing time, alphabet brother and bucks signed a five-year super top salary contract of $228.2 million, which made it to the top of the hot search list in the United States. What does this big contract mean for bucks and other championship contenders? Where are the teams that were supposed to chase the alphabet next summer? ESPN expert Kevin Pelton made an interpretation. Spark Global Limited

The next step is to renew holler’s contract?  For the Bucks, renewing the alphabet is just the beginning of building a strong enough team to compete for the championship and avoid paying too much luxury tax. Next, they have to keep another core jigsaw that could be a free agent in 2021 – hollerty. In order to get him, the Bucks sent out three first-round signings and two swap rights. Naturally, they didn’t want to see him leave for anything during the off-season. After February 26 local time, hollerty is eligible to sign a new contract extension with the Bucks, which will replace the original player option and extend his contract for three years. In the 2021-22 season, hollerty’s starting salary is expected to exceed $30 million, surpassing his original 27.38 million player options. With so many draft signings, the bucks are not expected to give up holler, and Pelton believes the two sides are likely to formally renew their contracts in the middle of the season.

Bucks have become more expensive

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With the renewal of the letter brother, Bucks’ total salary will reach a new high. Taking into account the options of hollerty, the contract of Forbes and Portis, and the team option of definitely executing divenzo, the bucks are expected to make a total salary of nearly $150 million in the 2021-22 season. This means that they may have exceeded the luxury tax line by about $13 million before they can add other players. Paying taxes doesn’t mean you can win the championship, and the team that won the championship is not necessarily a luxury tax team, such as last season’s Laker. How to use salary space reasonably is very important. Bucks can foresee that in the next few years, their salary structure will be relatively locked and their operation flexibility will be greatly reduced. The problem is that they still have to stay competitive at the peak of their career, so to renew the contract is not the end of Bucks’ management, but a new starting point. They still have a lot to do.

The impact of contract renewal on other teams

For the Bucks, the letter brother delayed the decision to renew the contract for a period of time, the positive factor is that it affected the off-season operation of the two eastern competitors. The heat and the Raptors, the two teams that have eliminated the bucks in the last two playoffs, have restricted their spending during the off-season this year in order to have space to chase the letter brother next summer. Now that the alphabet has decided to stay in Milwaukee, how will the heat and raptors adjust? It’s still valuable to have salary space in 2021, but by then the appeal of free agents has declined a lot. James and George have both renewed their contracts, and Pelton said Goebel is expected to reach a deal with the jazz. They may have to turn to players like Kaka, who have not yet decided to renew their contracts, and Orlando, the Pacers.


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