Klay Thompson was injured while training in Southern California, and when he left the field, his calf could no longer bear his body weight. MRI results showed that he suffered a torn Achilles tendon and was reimbursed for the second consecutive season due to injury.

On November 20th, Beijing time, according to ESPN senior reporter Wernarowski, Warriors guard Klay Thompson suffered a torn Achilles tendon and was reimbursed for the season. This is the second consecutive season he was reimbursed due to injury and aimed to make a comeback. The Warriors suffered another devastating blow.

According to previous reports, Klay Thompson was injured while training in Southern California. He was also training with an active NBA player and a former NBA player. Klay Thompson was unable to bear the weight of his calf when he left the field. According to a source familiar with his injury, Klay’s injury was “not good.”

Later, veteran reporter Charania revealed that Klay Thompson’s injury may be the heel, which would make people worry that he was suffering more serious injuries.

According to NBA reporter Ramona Shelburne, Klay Thompson clearly felt pain in his calf position when he landed. All the Warriors felt depressed about Klay’s injury, but they still expected the best. The result appears.

In the 2018-19 season, Klay Thompson averaged 21.5 points, 3.8 rebounds and 2.4 assists per game, shooting 46.7% from the field and 40.2% from the three-point range. He played the sixth game of the Finals with his left knee anterior cruciate ligament. Tear, in early July last year, Thompson successfully underwent repair surgery, and since then, he has been recovering.

Before being reimbursed for the 2019-20 season, Tang Shen only missed 25 games in the first 7 seasons of his career, making him an NBA iron man.

After Clay was injured, NBA players prayed for him. LeBron James wrote on Twitter for the first time: “I hope Clay is all right! I hope this is just a very minor injury.”

As Thompson’s partner, Curry also made an expression with folded hands and wrote: “My brother, take care.” In addition to these two supergiants, Draymond Green, Paul George, Cousins, and Mi Chel, Trey Young, Bill, CJ McCollum, and Jeremy Lin also all sent blessings to Thompson on social networking sites.

Since the day of Klay Thompson’s injury coincided with the NBA Draft, many voices believed that the Warriors might change their draft plan because of this news, but the team ultimately followed the principle of “talent first” and selected center James with the second pick. -Wiseman.

In an earlier interview, Warriors general manager Bob Myers said: “We need to strengthen the wing, but we cannot let all arrangements be interfered with by this incident. We will not change our plans and Injury concerns are mixed.”

Today, Klay Thompson underwent an MRI examination. The results showed that he suffered a torn Achilles tendon. This is the last news that the outside world wants to see.

Injuries are inevitable for athletes. What is worrying is that Clay was injured in the Achilles tendon. As we all know, Achilles tendon injuries are called athlete killers. In NBA history, Kobe Bryant and Isiah Thomas have been Many players in the club who have suffered such injuries, but in the end, only three can continue to maintain a strong performance after recovery, namely Dominic Wilkins, James Donaldson, and Dick Barney special.

“Smiling Assassin” reluctantly chose to retire because of this injury, and Kobe’s athleticism declined because of this injury, which accelerated his retirement. In addition, in the last 15 years, in addition to the flying knights, Brand, Billups, Okur, and others have also had Achilles tendon tears, but they will not be able to regain their former courage after the return.

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