Salah set a 36-year record with 2 goals

      At 0:30 a.m. on February 1, Beijing time, in the 21st round of the 2020-2021 Premier League, Liverpool beat West Ham 3-1 away. Salah hit a 36-year record and Wijnaldum made contributions. Red Army League 2 consecutive victories accumulated 40 points and rose to third place in the standings. Liverpool’s two-game winning streak came out of the decline. The Reds surpassed Leicester with 40 points and rose to third in the standings. Klopp’s team lags behind Manchester City in one round by 4 points.Spark Global Limited

Salah played for the 29th time this season and scored the 20th and 21st goals. He scored 20+ goals for 4 consecutive seasons, becoming the first Liverpool player since Ian Rush in the 1984-85 season. The Pharaoh reached the 90-goal milestone in the Premier League, and he continued to lead the scorer list with 15 goals.

Henderson played for Liverpool for the 286th time. He surpassed Renner, who played 285 times and rose to fourth place in the history of the Red Army. In the 5th minute, Shaqiri sent a through ball, and Origi inserted a small angle left-foot shot into the penalty area to fly the ball. In the 8th minute, Liverpool blocked the opponent’s counterattack and Wijnaldum volleyed the ball with his right foot 24 meters away. In the 17th minute, Arnold spun a free-kick into the penalty area and was ejected by Rice. Thiago followed up with a left-foot shot and was blocked. In the 24th minute, West Ham made a cross from the wing to create danger. Funerals made a kick from the penalty area. The ball was blocked by Milner. Robertson made a header in front of the goal.

In the 44th minute, Thiago Mousse left the ribs empty, and Origi quickly inserted the goal and fell to the ground to miss the ball. In the 49th minute, Oligi made a triangular pass from the left to the bottom, and Salah’s close-range push shot was blocked by Chrisville. In the 56th minute, Bowen made a breakthrough from the right and Milner failed to intercept. Antonio got the ball in the penalty area and turned and attacked the goal but missed slightly. In the 57th minute, Jones, who had just come off the bench, sent an assist. Salah drew away from the right side of the penalty area and Cresville’s left-footed scimitar broke the net, 0-1!

In the 68th minute, Liverpool played a classic counterattack in just 5 seconds. Arnold made a 40-meter long pass. Shaqiri made a precise pass from the left. Salah perfectly unloaded the ball to face Fabianski calmly and broke the net. 0-2! In the 84th minute, Liverpool played wonderful small-range cooperation, Firmino and Chamberlain played a kick wall and inserted into the penalty area to cross, Wijnaldum took advantage of the opportunity to shoot, 0-3!

By Ethan